The Ten Commandments

By (Ron Thow)

1. Thou shalt harangue others into submission until they stop experimenting, for then shall you feel righteous in ignorance.

2. Thou shalt argue endlessly about the merits of different dive schools for that wastes time and achieves nothing.

3. Thou shalt exhibit no sense of humour, for that can lead only to enjoying diving and diving is a Serious Thing.

4. Thou shalt consider 40m to be the bottom of the ocean, any who say the ocean extends below it are heretics and shall be fed to the sharks.

5. Thou shalt feel obliged to render an opinion on Absolutely Everything, even when you don't have one.

6. Thou shalt consider dive computers to be the One True Way and not use Tables, as they require thinking and are thusly uncool.

7. Thou shalt have colour-coordinated dive gear and look disapprovingly upon those who don't for they will not be pleasing to the fish.

8. Thou shalt chastise and vilify those who drink and smoke and dive, despite the fact that they've been doing it for 30 years and are perfectly happy.

9. An individual cannot be trusted to take responsibility for their own actions and must be told What To Do, especially by divers who are less experienced.

10. Thou shalt chastise and vilify those who Dive Alone, for they must Wrong because someone once said so.

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