Coastguard Registration Scheme

All Dive Marshals and Coxes should be aware that our Tornado is now registered with the Coastguard.

This scheme is known as the CG66 and what it means is that they have details of the boat, including a photograph, on record. This is held by Solent Coastguard (telephone 023 9255 2100) and if an incident occurs outside their area, the local coastguard should be told that "the CG66 is held by Solent Coastguard".

To remind you, the name of the boat is CRABBSAC ONE, and the call sign is MJSC2.

In practice this system is likely to be used by us if there an incident to help identify the boat, so when contacting the Coastguard, whether it is a MAYDAY, PAN-PAN or a more routine call, you can tell them that Solent Coastguard hold CG66 details. Also the shore cover should be aware of the CG66 registration if the boat becomes overdue.

Dive Marshals and Coxes do also have the option, perhaps if they are diving a site an unusually long way off-shore, of using the system to give the Coastguard traffic information, in the same way that a pleasure craft making a passage would. In this case the procedure is to contact the coastguard...


In the Solent Coastguard area, a watch is maintained on Channel 67 for this purpose and this should be used. In other areas, call on Channel 16 and switch to whatever channel you are instructed to. When they respond, you then give them details of where you are going and how many people you have on board, and when you expect to be back and where. It is then vital that you use the same procedure to confirm your safe return, to avoid a search being triggered off.

Ted Coleman

This page was last updated on : 06 Sep 2011