A New Member's Experience

I spent the most exhilarating day on my first dive in the sea. I did the Brighton Pier dive last Sunday thanks to Debbie Lowe who was Dive Marshal and of course Dudley’s fantastic rib, plus the person who gave up his free time to be a boring buddy to a new diver (one does feel guilty taking up valuable time of others who could be diving real wrecks instead of accompanying us new ones!).

The rest of the regular Club Members may laugh at this but the dive was the most fantastic experience I have had in the sea. As new members to the club, actually getting out in the sea was a big step, but as ever (forget about the ribbing and jokes) they came up trumps and really helped us new ones to gain a bit of experience.

My eyes were opened! Forget about the boring old lines in the swimming pool, seeing a shoal of fish just suspended in front of you or chasing a spider crab who hides amongst the rocks or even finding a pipe fish are just some of the few small but amazing experiences that more experienced divers might take for granted.

If you have dived for years and have experienced a lot of things just remember your first days as a diver! They are the most fantastic and awe inspiring sights that entice you to want for more!

I certainly do!

Gaynor Goss

This page was last updated on : 06 Sep 2011